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What is an IPO?

An Initial Public offering (IPO) is when a company lists its equity shares on the stock market for the first time, to generate funds for new business opportunities. With Globe Capital, keep an eye on the market and apply for IPOs as soon as they become available.

Benefits of Investing in IPOs Through Globe.

Apply in Minutes

Digital Account

Free IPO Account within 15 Minutes


Apply any time of the day


Apply in advance

Quick Payment

Pay using UPI for fast and secure payment

IPO Research

Detailed information on IPOs & Companies

How to Apply for IPOs
Building wealth with Globe Capital is quick and easy. Get started with just three steps.
Step 1

Once your KYC is approved, enter your bid details and submit your UPI ID

Step 2

Accept the “Block funds” request on the UPI/Banking app

Step 3

If allotted, final amount will be debited otherwise, it will be unblocked

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