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Is this your first Trade? First DEMAT & Trading account? We are with you in this new journey of financial freedom. Enjoy All Brokerage Free Trade for the first 30 Days and free Digital RM for the first 30 days with unconditional support and services.


Self Trade

Digital Relationship Manager for the 1st 30 days

Cashback Worth ₹ 10,000

Min.Investment Required ₹ 0
Joining Fee : FREE

  • FREE DEMAT & Trading Account
  • Brokerage as Low as 0.01%
  • Min. Margin Requirement ₹ 0
  • Cashless Buying Using Margin
  • Access to Our Comprehensive Trading App
  • Extensive Training Resources for (80 hrs)
  • FREE Call & Trade Facility for upto 20 Calls Each Month
  • Intraday & Delivery Exposure
  • Low Cost Access to Multilateral Trading Facility

Digital RM

2 Free Research Consultations Within The 1st 30 days

Cashback Worth ₹ 10,000

Min.Investment Required ₹ 0
Joining Fee : FREE

  • FREE DEMAT & Trading Account
  • Brokerage as Low as 0.025%
  • Includes All Features from The Standard Account
  • Portfolios Built & Managed Based on Your Priorities
  • Monthly Account/Portfolio Review
  • Access to Financial Planning Across Assets
  • FREE Access to Industry Expert Webinars
  • FREE Access to All Training Resources
  • Higher Delivery Based Trades

Prime RM

Unlimited Access to Our Research Team Via Phone & Email

Lifetime Dedicated Wealth Manager

Min.Investment Required ₹ 0
Joining Fee : FREE

  • FREE DEMAT & Trading Account
  • Brokerage as low as 0.05%
  • Includes All Features from The Premium Account
  • In-depth Advice on Investments Held Outside Your Globe Account By Our Team Of Experts
  • Dedicated Wealth manager
  • Priority passes for Industry expert webinars
  • Monthly portfolio review
  • Unlimited access to our research team via phone or E-mail

Self Trade

Why should pricing differentiate your product offering? Self-trade is an independent plan where you are in charge, you decide what to buy, when to buy and trade with the fully equipped Trading App, Desktop Trading Terminal & Web based portal.

Cashless Buying Using Margin

Don't transfer money before you initiate a trade, use your stocks as a margin to execute trades.

Fully Loaded Professional Trading APP

Equity, Commodity, Currency, ETF, Bonds and Mutual Funds in one App, with complete, comprehensive view of Back office and portfolio.

Free Demat & Trading Account

You get 100% Free DEMAT and trading account, with no hidden charges.

Digital Relationship Manager

Delivering Personalized Advice in the Digital Age. An experienced advisor can help you avoid systematic risks associated with markets. As opposed to the classic call center, the centralized hub of the virtual advice center delivers a high level of individualised and personalised service from high-caliber advisors. As with an advisor located in a physical branch, every client has a “real person”—a specific advisor—to call if they need help.

For all your service Needs

Be it an Account Statement, Portfolio Report, Change of plan, Account modification or any service request, you have your digital advisor to do everything for you.

For all investment assistance

If it’s your first trade or a regular one, our digital investment advisor keeps track and provides assistance based advisory for all your needs.

Monthly portfolio/Accounts review

While you are busy in your day-to-day life, Our digital advisor is busy keeping your account on track, reviewing all the details of your portfolio to keep the goals in line.

Financial planning across asset access

Our digital advisors are experienced across asset class i.e. Equity, commodity or currency.

Priority passes for Industry expert webinars.

Access our fund manager/Research meets & get the market view from the people who manage it.

Access our fund manager/Research meets & get the market view from the people who manage it.

Globe Gurukul , offers a variety of Beginners and Advanced level training programs, where you get free access to all programs.

Higher Delivery based trades

Enjoy Delivery based limits up to 5 X against your margin, which means if you make the right trade, your ROI could be enhanced 5 times.

Prime Relationship Manager

The most important thing, when it comes to your money is “Feeling safe and secure”. Welcome to Globe Prime, the exclusive program designed to serve the unique needs of High Net Worth Individuals having an investment portfolio of 25 Lakhs and above.


Stay connected with a host of intelligent trading tools and multiple platforms, including high-speed integrated trading platforms like EXE trading Terminal & Globe Trade Pro

Research & Knowledge

We take pride in our well researched approach to wealth creation, which is a blend of investment styles that consider both growth and value. You have access to a highly ranked team of 8 analysts who track more than 350 stocks. Invitations to investor conferences, knowledge series’, roundtables, one on one interactions with senior management of corporates and access to institutional desks are some key experiences we arrange to enrich your knowledge on the markets.

Comprehensive Product Suite

Equity, Mutual Fund, Portfolio Management Services (PMS) Stock Lending and Borrowing (SLB), Debt, Bonds / NCDs, Structure Products, Fixed Maturity Plans Margin Trading Facility, IPO Financing, Insurance advisory

Dedicated Relationship Manager & Service RM

You are the core of our business and hence we offer you dedicated relationship managers. They are your partners for portfolio management services across Globe Capital. They also conduct regular checks to ensure that your financial portfolio performance is aligned to your goals.