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Globe Connect Pro

Globe Connect Pro provides a rich user interface with ease of functionality and advanced features combining to create the most intuitive and user-friendly trading platform for active traders.

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Pivot Market Watch

Great way to watch markets with support and resistance in a single view along with streaming prices.

Heat Map

Capture the heat of the markets in the most comprehensive graphical view and get a sense of where markets are headed.

Stock Dashboard

Everything you want to know about a stock in a single view: Charts, Moving averages, Volume trends, Shareholding and more.


Use the most comprehensive chart library and smart decision making with all pro tools

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Our strengths
Real-Time News

Real-time news and analysis across Markets, Companies, Economy.

FII/DII/MF Activity Day Wise

Helps you understand insights from Institutional investors.

Micro-Economy Analysis

Take decisions based on the overall health of the economy.

Stock Alert

Stay updated on the prices of the stocks that matter to you.

3-Day Runner

Stocks with huge price spurts over the last three trading days.

52 Weeks High/Low

Highest & lowest price at which a security has traded.

Most Active By Value

Most active stocks in terms of single day price change.

Top Gainers & Losers

Keep an eye on all the top performers.


All the stocks trading at higher or lower prices than the previous day close.

Volume Toppers

Stocks with maximum trade volumes on the selected exchange.

5% Gap Up/Down

Track the gaps in stock market trading for better results.

Equity Pulse

Stocks trading at support or resistance level which help us to take appropriate action.

World Indices

Daily performance of major world indices.

Put Call Ratio

Helps you analyse prevailing market sentiment, so you can go against the trends if you decide.

Bulk/Block Deals

Keep track of all the available bulk and block deals.