Best Technical Analysis Software For Indian Stock Market

Globe Trade Smart

A software-based trading platform for professional traders, Globe Trade Smart is a blend of efficient trading tools, research and risk management with its effective market data streaming providing advanced features for rich user experience and convenient trading.

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Our strengths
Real-time Rate Update

Have the market at your fingertips with live rate streamings, so you can trade in an instant.

Stock Alert

Stay updated on the stock prices that matter to you.

Integrated Back Office

Monitor all transactions and information related to your investments at once with EXE desktop.


Real time research calls including Equity Fundamental, Equity Technical and Currency & Commodity calls.

Chart Tool

6 different Charts with 16 indicators that help spot market trends & make informed decisions.

Multi-leg Order Entry

Allows you to carry out a complex options strategy that involves several different options contracts with a single order.

Tick-by-tick Data

The most detailed display of a market’s trading information that shows every trade that occurs with additional information.

Banned Security List

Shows the derivative contracts of security that have crossed 95% of market-wide position limit and are currently under ban period.

Most Active Securities

Stocks on an exchange that trade the highest volume of shares over a given period of time, whose increased volatility may present trading opportunities.