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    We extend our services to a wide range of foreign investors, encompassing
    Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs), Family Offices, Corporates and Trusts
    Globe is a prominent and one of the largest names in execution and clearing services for FPI’s. We have extensive range of FPI oriented products to offer and can be invaluable partner for prudently managing and overseeing FPI’s Institutional Investments in India. Our wide range of products include Execution and Clearing services for Equity, Equity Futures & Options, Commodity and Currency Derivatives markets across all exchanges in India including GIFT City.
    Non-Resident Indian/ Overseas Citizen of India (NRIs/ OCIs):
    Globe offers seamless investment in stocks, Mutual Funds, IPOs, ETFs, Bonds and trading in Futures & Options for NRI and OCIs customers. An Indian citizen who stays abroad for employment or carries on business or vocation outside India or a non-resident foreign citizen of Indian origin are permitted to invest in Indian securities under both the portfolio investment as well as strategic investments under FDI.
    Eligible Foreign Investor
    Any foreign entity which is not registered with SEBI as FPI in any of the 2 categories (I and II) is known as Eligible Foreign Investor (EFI) and can Invest in India through GIFT IFSC. Globe offers turnkey services for foreign national which include quick and efficient Foreign Investor On-boarding, Shared or dedicated office spaces, access to execution and trade settlement infrastructure, Risk management, Cyber security, Taxation, Regulatory and Compliance consultation and Advisory services.
    Our Services
    Clearing Services

    Globe is one of India's largest clearing services providers with a customer base of more than 1700 Institutional investors. We clear and settle about 32% of volume across asset classes. Globe provides clearing services in Equity, Equity derivatives, Currency and Commodity segment across all exchanges in India.

    FPI Broking & Execution Services

    Globe is one of the prominent Qualified Stock Broker and a preferred choice among brokers, Mutual funds, Insurance HFT’s, PMS, Trust and family offices for trade execution and settlement services in Capital, Commodity and Currency markets. We currently cater to more than 1700 Domestic and Foreign institution as execution and trade settlement partner in multiple asset classes.

    Algo Trading

    We support algorithm trading platforms to Institutional, HFT, Proprietary Trading Groups, Buyside, Fund Managers and Fintech firms with Ultra Low-latency, High Frequency trading solutions & comprehensive Execution Algos, Care Order Management System and DMA* and other tools designed for institutional trading & risk management.

    Clearing Services – IFSC, GIFT City

    Globe is one of the first few companies to have a leading TM cum CM setup in IFSC Gift City. We facilitate execution and clearing services in all segments across exchanges. Currently there are 3 exchanges are operational namely NSE IX, INDIA INX and IIBX. Globe contributes more than 50% of the total average daily turnover happens in IFSC across segments, Across exchanges.

    Securities Lending and Borrowing (SLB)

    Globe Capital provide Securities Lending and Borrowing offered on the exchange platform. FPIs are permitted to participate in the SLB market to lend and borrow securities through SLB mechanism offered by the exchanges. Globe facilitate services to honour obligations of delivering the securities at the time of settlement for seamless settlement.

    Portfolio Management Services

    Globe Capital provides one of the best portfolio management services in India. Our funds are consistently rated among the top performing PMS in India under multicap category. We aim at generating returns by exploiting market inefficiencies and other low risk opportunities by using various strategies. Globe PMS strategies have generated more them 6% alpha over benchmark indices.

    Depository Participant – NSDL CDSL, IIDI, IFSC- GIFT City

    We are registered with CDSL and NSDL to provide depository services. Globe Capital is also a member of India International Depository IFSC Ltd. in GIFT City, we provide depository services related to account opening with IIDI and depository transactions to all investor classes in the securities listed in the GIFT exchange.

    Clearing and Trading services at IIBX

    IIBX caters to global bullion banks, bullion refiners, bullion traders, International Investors and Exporters. GIFT IFSC offers convenience to re-export the Bullion as and when required by bullion suppliers without payment of customs duty. Globe being a member of IIBX offers trading facilities to all investor class permitted to trade in this segment. IIBX Products GOLD 995, GOLD MINI 999, UAE GD GOLD 995, UAE GOLD 999

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    Our Partner Eco-system
    Globe Capital already has a critical mass of FPI clients across geographies. We understand the importance of a fast turnaround on India registration and account setups. We have created a comprehensive eco-system of services to provide a seamless experience to you.
    Legal / Tax Advisory

    To cater to your global fund structuring as well as India taxation advisory.

    Banking Partners

    We work with leading domestic and foreign banks for your banking need.

    Operational Support Services
    Cyber security

    Our comprehensive IT infrastructure setup and qualified teams ensure timely implementation and maintenance measures to protect customer data and trade information from cyber attacks.


    We guide and help our clients to comply with all regulations set by the Exchanges and regulators in India.

    Risk management

    We manage risk for our customers which includes monitoring positions and ensuring that customers have sufficient collateral to cover potential losses.

    Managing customer accounts

    We bear the utmost responsibility for managing customer accounts, including collecting margin payments and ensuring that customers meet regulatory requirements.

    Record keeping

    We help in maintaining accurate and complete records of all trades, customer accounts and other transactions.

    Research Support

    Our dedicated institutional research team help in providing customers with accurate and timely information about market conditions including prices, volume and open interest.

    Our Financial Strength
    USD 352 Mn.
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    USD 1880 Mn.
    Asset size
    USD 222 Mn.
    USD 76 Mn.
    Our Credit Ratings
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    Mr. Ashok Kumar Agarwal
    Executive Chairman and Founder
    Mr. Ashok Kumar Agarwal is the Executive Chairman and Promoter of the Company. A qualified Chartered Accountant, he is Fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India with vast experience in various fields of more than 35 years. He was elected as the youngest ever President of The Delhi Stock Exchange Association Ltd. in 1993,1994 and 2000 for his valuable contribution to the growth of business of the Exchange. He was awarded with the “National Citizenship Award - 1993” by Rev. Mother Teresa for his outstanding contribution in the development of Indian Capital Markets.
    Mr. Yash Pal Mendiratta
    Managing Director and Founder
    Mr. Yash Pal Mendiratta is the Managing Director and Promoter of the Company. He is a Fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India with vast experience in the fields of Finance, Taxation & Legal for more than 35 years. Mr. Mendiratta is the driving force behind the success of Globe Capital Market Limited .He is an active member of the Depository Participant Association of India and Association of NSE Member of India for advising on various issues on Capital Market and Depository activities. Mr. Mendiratta is also a member of Advisory Committee of USE and member of various Executive Committees of ANMI.