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Globe Capital offers the best broker for currency trading in india. With our user-friendly platform and experienced traders, you can trade in the global market with ease. Try our demo account today!

Invest, Trade, Hedge & Speculate in Future and Option contracts of USD, EURO, JPY and GBP with Globe specialised currency desk!

Our Expertise

Looking for Trading, Diversification or Hedging of portfolios.


Our specialised corporate desk helps you in Speculation and Hedging the currency fluctuation risks.

Forex Brokers

Take advantage of the price discrepancies and Hedge your currency inventories.

Why trade with Globe?
Trustworthy insights & informed decision-making

We cover news and analysis, exchange-traded and OTC prices, specialist industry data, fundamentals and forecasts.

Understand What Impacts Currencies Trading

We help you know the key factors affecting the supply chain and impacting Currency prices.

Currency fundamentals and Research

Get deep analysis across the Currency markets to help you invest better.

Trade with confidence on Globe Currency Trading App!
  • Track streaming market movements
  • Live Research and News
  • Open Interest Analysis
  • World’s Best Charts
  • Quick Buy and Sell on a swap
Open your currency trading account in 3 easy steps
Get started with just three steps. Globe Capital offers the best currency trading platform in india. With our platform, you can trade in different currencies and commodities. Get a free demo account today!

Building wealth with Globe Capital is quick and easy.
Personal and Bank details

Fill in your personal details required for opening your account & select Derivatives segment while proceeding with your account opening journey.

Upload documents

In addition to the mentioned list of documents, submit your income proof that is required for trading in Derivatives segment.

Start trading

Post verification, your trading account will be activated and you can start investing in currencies.