About Us – Globe Capital

Financial Consultancy Built on 35 Years of Trust and Legacy

At Globe Capital, we are a financial services group that has, for over 35 years, been committed to lend a helping hand as you set about turning your dreams into reality, with practical advice from our team of experts at every step of the way.

We aim to earn your trust with our expertise and an ever-growing network of over 500 offices across 200 locations in India.

We let our metrics speak for us. Always.

Our Achievements
2,00,000 +
Retail Investors
Representative Offices
Years of existence
Satisfied FIIs And DIIs
USD 352 Mn.
India’s leading Depository Participants with NSDL and CDSL.

We pride ourselves on building a diversified clientele and offering a whole host of services to meet their expectations. These services include Equities, Commodities & Currencies, Markets Intermediation, Portfolio Management Schemes (PMS), Depository Services, Mutual Fund and IPO distribution, Securities Lending and Borrowing Services, Corporate Advisory and International Broking.

Our Vision

Be the finest : To be the most respected Financial Solutions Company, while always adhering to our values and never compromising on our purpose

Our Mission

Our only purpose is to make your money grow. Regardless of how big or small, no matter what the market condition or the nature of the asset, we will always strive to help you achieve your financial goals.

Our Values
Always be Client Centric

If we serve our clients’ interests well, success will follow.

Always be Transparent

Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business. We maintain the highest ethical standards and demonstrate sound judgment expected of us from our clientele.

Always be Prudent

We apply wise financial and business strategies. Our clients rely on our experience, judgment and analysis for their hard-earned wealth to grow.

Always be Foresighted

Long term relationships are more important than short term gains. We always anticipate change and prepare for what’s coming.

Leading Clearing
Active Participation
As Domestic
Custodians - F & O
Best Clearing
Leading Clearing
Clearing member
of the Year
By NSE Market
Achievers Award
MCX Excellence
For Commodity Broker
of the year
India’s Best Market
Analyst Award
In Commodities category
by Zee Media
Bank Award
For business excellence prize
Amity Corporate
Excellence Award
For fastest growing investment solutions company by Amity Business
Order of Merit
for Aspiring India
BSE’s Top Ten Vol.
Drivers Award
2006 & 2007
in F&O
Performer Award
For new a/c opening
category - Non banking
Performer Award
For 2nd position in new a/c opening category - Non banking
Member NSE
Depository Participant Of NSDL
Clearing & Trading Member NSE – F&O/ Depository Participant, CDCL
Acquired The Membership Of NCDEX, MCX And NMCE
Member DGCX, Registered With ESCAL
Trading Member NC-DEX Spot Exchange/PMS – SEBI/ Clearing & Trading Member Of BSE
FDI Investment – CVCI Invested $42 Million/ Clearing & Trading Member NSE/BSE/MCX-SX – Currency
NBFC/Trading Member, ICEX
ACE (Commodity) & Use (Currency) Clearing And Trading Member
Corporate Finance & International Broking Business/ NSE-E-Series Clearing Member
MCX-F&O Clearing & Trading Member, UCX
UCX – Clearing & Trading Member
Globe Capital Foundation
Globe Capital (IFSC) Limited
Clearing Member Of The Year – NSE
Clearing Member Of The Year – NSE
Mr. Ashok Kumar Agarwal
Executive Chairman and Founder
Mr. Ashok Kumar Agarwal is the Executive Chairman and Promoter of the Company. A qualified Chartered Accountant, he is Fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India with vast experience in various fields of more than 35 years. He was elected as the youngest ever President of The Delhi Stock Exchange Association Ltd. in 1993,1994 and 2000 for his valuable contribution to the growth of business of the Exchange. He was awarded with the “National Citizenship Award - 1993” by Rev. Mother Teresa for his outstanding contribution in the development of Indian Capital Markets.
Mr. Yash Pal Mendiratta
Managing Director and Founder
Mr. Yash Pal Mendiratta is the Managing Director and Promoter of the Company. He is a Fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India with vast experience in the fields of Finance, Taxation & Legal for more than 35 years. Mr. Mendiratta is the driving force behind the success of Globe Capital Market Limited .He is an active member of the Depository Participant Association of India and Association of NSE Member of India for advising on various issues on Capital Market and Depository activities. Mr. Mendiratta is also a member of Advisory Committee of USE and member of various Executive Committees of ANMI.
Mr. Arpit Agarwal
Director at Globe Group of Companies
Mr. Arpit Agarwal is a Director at Globe Group of Companies. He is a Chartered Accountant and CFA by qualification. He later went to Kellogg Graduate School of Management with a focus on developing family business Enterprise and Management Strategy. Mr. Agarwal has more than a decade of experience in the Indian capital and commodity market. He has been instrumental in growth of retail broking and clearing business.His innovative and forward looking ideas have not only earned him a great respect among the employees of the organization but also among the Business partners, customers, and stakeholders and in the industry.
Mr. Ankit Agarwal
Director- Globe group of companies & Head - Globe wealth and Portfolio Management Service
Mr. Ankit Agarwal is a Director at Globe Group of Companies. He is a Chartered Accountant and CFA by qualification with a decade of investing experience in Indian Capital markets. He is in-charge of the overall Fund Management Division at Globe Capital including PMS, Investment Research, Institutional Investment Advisory and FII Advisory. He also heads the proprietary investment arbitrage division at Globe. Under his leadership in 2021 Globe PMS became the top performing fund in the 5 year CAGR category. His focus is to identify multibagger companies with good quality management and sound fundamentals available at attractive rates, he has been instrumental in building the PMS and wealth management business at Globe Capital.He has initiated many investor education initiatives at various national forums for greater financial inclusion among the youth of this country.
Mr. Sahil Mendiratta
Director at Globe Group of Companies
Mr. Sahil Mendiratta is a Director at Globe Group of Companies. He is a Chartered Accountant and CFA by qualification. His vast experience of the Indian capital market has played a vital role in developing the wealth management business at Globe Capital. Mr. Sahil has been instrumental in conceptualizing and developing products for Retail Capital Market and Clearing Business.
Mrs. Nidhi Aggarwal
Director at Globe Group of Companies
Mrs. Nidhi Aggarwal is a Director at Globe Group of Companies. She is a B.Tech. - IT and M.Sc. in Management by qualification. She believes that one of the key requirements of an organisation is the ability to build relationships with people across all functions and to make an impact on the bottom-line through these relationships, an ability which she possesses. With more than 12 years of management experience, Human Resources and Administration departments have transformed manifolds under her leadership.
Mrs. Harshita Agarwal
Director at Globe Group of Companies
Mrs. Harshita Agarwal is a Director at Globe Group of Companies. She is a B.Arch by qualification. Globe Capital Foundation, CSR wing of Globe Group was started in 2015. Under her guidance, the foundation has been addressing various issues like Health, Human rights, Environmental issues and Education for the upliftment and betterment of the society. Along with CSR Mrs. Harshita has been instrumental in creating and forming the Quality control division at Globe. Under her leadership quality control division is making new highs
Mrs. Pooja Agarwal
Director at Globe Group of Companies
Pooja Agarwal is a Director at Globe Group of Companies. She is a B.Tech in Computer Science by qualification. She has been a part of Globe group since 2018.She is a director at Globe Fincap, the NBFC division of Globe Capital and takes various initiatives for technological innovation and operational efficiency at Globe