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Complaint Tracking Procedure

A step-by-step guide for tracking your complaints

Checking Your Complaint Status: Using the Complaint Tracking Portal

We sincerely appreciate your decision to register your complaint on our portal. Your time and effort to do so are truly valued. We deeply regret any inconvenience you may have experienced, and we are committed to taking all the necessary steps to rectify the situation.


But what comes next? How can you keep track of the progress of your concern? Don’t fret, it’s not a hidden code or a confusing puzzle. Discovering the status of your registered complaint is as straightforward as following a few uncomplicated steps on the Globe portal.

Step 1

Go to website

Step 2

Go to more tab and scroll down ,Click on useful links

Step 3

Begin by launching your preferred web browser and clicking on the following link to access the Complaint Tracking Portal.

Step 4 - Logging In

Upon accessing the provided link, you will be directed to the login page, which will appear as follows:


Within this page, you will need to enter the complaint number and your Unique Client Code (UCC), PAN card number, registered email ID, or registered mobile number.

After entering the reference details, click on “Search” button.

Step 5 : Discover Your Complaint's Progress

The portal will show you what’s happening with your complaint. It could be under discussion or solved.

Step 6 : Get More Details

By clicking on view details, you will be able to get more info about your complaint’s information which you filled in the initial phase of registration.


Verifying the status of your registered complaint through the Globe portal is a crucial stride towards ensuring the attention your concerns deserve. Adhering to the steps detailed in this guide empowers you to conveniently access your complaint’s current status, stay well-informed about its progress, and cultivate a deeper comprehension of the resolution journey.

Globe Capital highly regards you as a valued customer and deeply appreciates your trust in our services.

Step 7

Complete details of registered complaint gets opened

Step 8

Registered complaint

Registering your complaint through the is a simple and streamlined procedure. This process ensures that your concerns are accurately recorded and attended to by our dedicated customer support team. By adhering to the steps provided in this guide, you can effectively convey the challenges you’re encountering, thereby playing a pivotal role in enhancing the overall service quality. Your feedback is invaluable in our continuous effort to provide better service to you.