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  • 06-Mar-2023
  • Mutual Fund
How to Choose the Right Mutual Fund for Your Investment Portfolio

When it comes to investing our hard-earned money, we are often advised to save and invest wisely. While fixed or recurring deposits may come to mind, over the long-term period, mutual funds (MFs) can offer superior returns. Then you remember, a friend of yours recently boasted about their MF investments during COVID-19 that generated significant returns and funded their Bali vacation.

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  • 22-Feb-2023
  • Mutual Fund
Best Mutual Funds Plan in India 2023 – Use SIPs to Grow Your Portfolio

The saying ‘the early bird catches the worm’ holds true for an SIP, as you can benefit greatly from starting early. An important aspect of an SIP is the fact that maintaining it is hassle-free; your money will be auto debited from your bank account each month and will also be invested into a mutual fund scheme of your choice.

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