Globe Option Trender | A system that captures the options Open Interest data on a real time basis and presents in a simplified manner that enables the users to have a much clear understanding of the underlying strength or weakness in the market. Globe option Trender helps the users to transform into a informed trader where the decisions are backed by data.

Globe Capital Option Trender

Unique system which helps index option traders (buyers as well as sellers) to take better trading decisions

Add-on benefits with Option Trender
Helps understanding the positioning of big market players

Works on real time basis in live markets

Can be really useful on expiry day trading

Useful in identifying market supports and resistance zones

Quant update every day on derivative positioning of markets

Get market commentary at important junctures through telegram channel

Free webinars from time to time

Our Trading Technique

Proprietary model that captures trends in open interest and PCR
How It Works
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Enjoy discount upto 60% plus one month

Valid till 31 Dec 2022

3 Months
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₹ 6,000
₹ 10,000

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6 Months
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Prices ₹ 9,000

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₹ 9,000
₹ 20,000

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1 Year
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Prices ₹ 15,000

Subscription Fee

₹ 15,000
₹ 38,000

Note: No exceptions would be made beyond the offer expiry date.


Index option traders

One will get to analyze the trends in open interest data based which trading decisions can be taken. Also can even take benefit of some of our customized signals.

We have four subscription packs - Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly.

You can join this service by paying a subscription amount.

You can pay the subscription amount by using either one of Net Banking, UPI, Credit or Debit cards.

Currently we don't have refund policy.