Chief Information Security Officer - (Delhi) | Globe Capital Market LTD.

Chief Information Security Officer – (Delhi)

Experience – 5+ Years


The expert shall carry out the following activities:

  • Prevention of cyber security incidents through continuous threat analysis, network and host scanning for vulnerabilities and breaches.
  • Deploying adequate and appropriate technology to prevent attacks originating from external environment and internal controls to manage insider threats etc.
  • Monitoring, detection, and analysis of potential intrusions/security incidents in real time and through historical trending on security-relevant data sources.
  • Operating network defense technologies such as Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSes) and data collection/analysis systems.
  • Conducting cyber-attack simulation on quarterly basis to aid in developing cyber resiliency measures and test the adequacy and effectiveness of the framework adopted.
  • Conducting awareness and training programs for its employees with regard to cyber security and situational awareness on quarterly basis.
  • Prevention of attacks similar to those already faced.
  • Expert in the field of cyber security and resilience, network security and data security.
  • CISO to head the team of security analysts and report to MD & CEO of the QSB.
  • Submitting reports as per SEBI guidelines.
  • Knowledge of Cyber Security risks/framework/ Network defense technologies.


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