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Research Analyst (Commodity & Currency)

Experience – 4+ Years


Job Responsibility:

  • Technical analysis and generating trading calls on regular basis in commodities (Bullion, Metals & Energy) & currency on a daily basis.    
  • Preparing daily research reports, Performance snapshots of research calls, & Special reports on commodities & Currency markets.    
  • Analyze the market dynamics and factor affecting the Commodity & Forex market prices, which involves monitoring economic data releases.
  • Writing daily market commentary on financial market mov ments with specific research pieces that have relevance to the events at the time.
  • Summarizing real time updates of significant industry evens  and new developments for publishing as press articles.
  • Track developments in the industry on a regular basis and contribute to daily creation of news content.
  • Monthly presentation for the future trends and upcoming events that can be a trigger for the   financial markets.
  • Exposure to non-agri commodities, currencies markets traded across the globe.
  • Giving market over view & trends to advisors & advising them with support & resistance levels
  • Generating fundamental report based medium to long-term calls.
  • Generating fundamental based weekly calls.
  • Preparing daily & weekly fundamental reports & updating the website.
  • Writing editorial articles & main stories in monthly magazine.
  • Sending reports and write ups to the editorial teams for further editing and publishing.
  • Generating fundamentals based research calls.


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